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  1. neha at | | Reply

    Nisha’s dress looks so funny.
    But out of the 4 ladies displayed here, I think Gayatri looks the best. I won’t call it ‘bland’. She looks like a simple decent mother-of-two-toddlers out visiting her friends or shopping..very normal. and she looks really pretty. It’s actually refreshing to see the former model sporting this simple look.

  2. luscious at | | Reply

    Achlala is a style icon.

  3. Jazz at | | Reply

    ^ i hope ur saying that sarcastically lol :) ..ghastly…all four… Atleast Gayatri’s not like omg what is she wearing. (that bag’s TACKY) but the other 3 are like…damn!

  4. Adit at | | Reply

    Lucious- Achla style icon????? Wow, thats new and totally the funniest thing I have ever heard….

  5. anjali at | | Reply

    nisha takes the cake -what is she wearing
    the rest not so bad ,pria is dressed casually, whats wrong in that ,it is relief to see celebs not always picture perfect -i think its cool and normal-looking like victoria beckham all the time is sooooooooo super fake .

  6. anjali at | | Reply

    yep i agree–whats so bad in a casual look pria & gaytri have——-nisha looks from another planet

  7. Ranjit at | | Reply

    Achla is wearing a Wendell Rodricks dress and it’s totally becoming of her. She’s a true diva…

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