Off The Runway

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Achla wore it on the runway, Vidya wore it off. Like the dress on either or neither?

achla-babita-lakme-fashion-week.jpg vidya-malvade-fashion-awards.jpg

Left: Achla Sachdev for Babita Malkani, Spring 2009
Right: Vidya Malvade with Babita Malkani, Fashion Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Have no idea ho Achla is – but vidya looks better – mainly because Achla looks a bit too old for the dress – from the neck down fabulous – but from the neck up at least a decade too old.

  2. both these women exude a tacky,downmaket aura-the dress itself is fine but deserves a better clothes horse-not these night mares who lack pedigree

  3. i can’t believe i’m saying this – but achala looks far better here than vidya. vidya’s figure is far too full for such a dress, she makes it look cheap.

  4. ughh they make this dress look sooo tacky. honestly id wear it on the beach over my bikini, it’d look nice then. its like a veryy beachy outfit.

  5. maxis are day dresses! well atleast thats what they are in london! i always get so confused seeing half of bollywood in maxis as formal attire! perhaps they confuse them with gowns! lesson here ladies-gowns and maxi dresses are both completely different dresses, both for totaly diff occasions and times of the day!


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