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  1. R at | | Reply

    Holy Cow!! Is it halloween already?!

  2. Carol at | | Reply

    Was this event one big WTHeyyy? Everyone is dressed wacky.

  3. spur at | | Reply

    woahh thats an elf costume!!
    give her a break.. she thot its a costume party..!

  4. Adit at | | Reply

    Ha ha, its so funny, this woman has NO sense of style

  5. NotASheep at | | Reply

    You don’t have to post this comment: What happened? I feel like something is missing these days with the posts. I personally liked it when you guys featured more well-known Indian celebs and not these random-ass pseudocelebrities. Just as an outsider and as an objective critique — this site is becoming a bit lackluster lately. I’d like to see more Aishwarya, Shilpa, Rani, etc…

  6. JoRa at | | Reply

    What an incredibly vile outfit.

  7. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Isn’t she a choreographer/model coordinator who works with models and in fashion??? Tsk, tsk, she should know better.

  8. skipper at | | Reply

    She looks like vomit

  9. debs at | | Reply

    Call me old-fashioned but coloured tights just doesn’t cut it for me.

  10. KK at | | Reply

    I think she forgot that mirrors exist .. which is why she didn’t even see what she’s wearing!

  11. Priyanka at | | Reply

    top human body with bottom of frog!!!

    Trrrrr Trrrrr Trrrrr Trrrrrrr

  12. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    RE: Payal and NotASheep’s post

    I do agree very much with NotASheep. Lately I have found that HHC is not the first website I visit after email and facebook in the morning. Blasphemous, and sad.

    But I can see where Payal is coming from too. Too bad cool people haven’t been making appearances lately. But why give not-so-cool people so much importance by featuring them regularly? If I may make a suggestion – how about if the person is a pseudo-celebrity, then let’s feature them if we like what they’ve got on. because if they’re dressed badly, then who cares? Just a suggestion. At the end of the day, its your blog, not mine :)

  13. Anastasia at | | Reply

    she looks like a leprechaun! :D

  14. New York at | | Reply

    Oh my! Looks like She landed right out of Harry Potter

  15. zaksy at | | Reply

    I was looking at the backdrop, even if for no reason. Was I supposed to look at her? Thank you for smiling, ms. sachdev. Let me mosey over now.

  16. Bsimple at | | Reply

    @NotASheep and PeachBellini…

    If anything, posts on pseudo-celebs ( who can afford a decent wardrobe but choose not to ) are also learning grounds for fashion mistakes! ;-) and may I add…the reason for a chuckle knowing very well that one would themselves NEVER step out looking like THAAAT! ;-)

  17. NotASheep at | | Reply

    P&P: Understood, but in my very humble opinion — the blog needs something new, something fresh..as PeachBellini was saying, this was a site I checked as regularly as my email as well but not so much anymore.

    Our world is very celeb-oriented and the people featured here lately can be any ol’ person on the street to me as I don’t recognize them and have no inclination towards them…and the fact that they’re older women doesn’t help (sorry for being ageist). For example, I really don’t care what Farah Khan is wearing.

    Maybe you guys aren’t even noticing as the site traffic is the same, in which case, just ignore my suggestion/comment all you want. :)

    This is coming from a place of respect not malice.

  18. NotASheep at | | Reply

    P&P: Gotcha…I can only speak for myself, from my own perspective, no offense intended towards you guys or any fellow readers.

  19. Kiwi at | | Reply

    P & P, I find that you do not cover the Delhi socialites as much-you can get some interesting variety.

  20. bo at | | Reply

    she was obviously sleeping when she put those on- id be embaressed to wear that at home!

  21. haha at | | Reply

    omg! what’s she thinking?
    i have no idea how she ever get a part to act in Fashion *pukes*

  22. Ms Sachdev at | | Reply

    i think she looks great!

  23. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    The tights and shoes are not good, but I WANT a dress like that. It’s figure-improving. The tiny bag is cute!

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