In Marc By Marc Jacobs. Again.

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We quite ‘heart’ this Heart print confetti dress but don’t quite like the t-strap gold sandals that Anju wears with it. Just a simpler pair of gold heels and we might have loved the look. What about you?


Left: Anju Taraporewala At ‘Celebrating The Classics’ With Harper’s Bazaar And Moet & Chandon
Right: Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Confetti Heart’ V-Neck Dress

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  1. Forget the sandals, i don’t think the dress is for her body type. She’s top heavy and the band around the waist accentuates that.

  2. Some indian women just dont want to dress their age..this black number is suited for young women …for instance someone like Frieda, Genelia will wear this dress well.

  3. I again stress that I like women who dress their age… this dress is a little too blair from gossip girl. It would look more appropriate on someone like Sonam Kapoor. However I like the fact that she work it simple!

  4. I think the dress fits her very nicely. Too bad about the shoes. Still, she could have done much worse as we have all seen with others so I guess it’s not so bad.

  5. Age appropriate or not…she makes it work! the heels are prom-ish…but overall her look is not half as bad as a certain Mrs. Sippy…

  6. err.. this dress is definitely for those who don’t have much in the assets department……

    why is it, that alot of international designers design dresses as if they were for boys?


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