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Stealing hearts at the G20 Gala dinner was the Japanese PM’s wife Yuko Kishida who was seen in a green Kanjeevaram sari and contrast pink blouse. She looked lovely. I wonder if her feeling comfortable enough to wear a sari was influenced by her interactions with Kyoko Jaishankar, the wife of the Minister of Esternal Affairs S. Jaishankar.

Madam President Murmu wore a cream Benarasi sari featuring a blue border and pallu.

President Droupadi Murmu With Yuko Kishida at G20 Summit 2023 Gala Dinner

Yuko Kishida With Kyoko Jaishankar

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. OMG! Thank you so much for featuring them… I always find Kyoko Jaishankar’s saris impeccable. And Yuko Kishida truly stole the show… such grace 🙂

    • What a silly comment. These people are in politics/diplomacy. Bollywood is the entertainment industry. I have no idea why people want Bollywood to dress like other professions when the whole point is to be different and stand out.

      • So Bollywood should not be elegant? We are not only talking about sarees here. It is the graceful way all these women are carrying themselves irrespective of what they are wearing.

        • There is no reuirement to be “elegant” even for politicians.

          If HHC only featured conventionally elegant women 90% would stop reading. People read about Bollywood because it is fashion forward, fashion challenged, bizarre, elegant and more. Basically they dress to be watched and we watch.

          • Elegance is a trait that is required in every walk of life, whoever you are.
            So fashion forward should be tacky and trashy, is that what is expected? Then your definition and my definition of elegance is different.
            Check out Jessica Chastain in Venice Film Festival. Elegance personified in a stunning fashionable gown.

  2. Utterly love the saree diplomacy. This is the way to do it. So glad she chose a traditional weave, jazzed it up with a contrast blouse and wore it like a pro instead of as a costume.

  3. My oh my! she looks so comfortable wearing the sari and looking absolutely gorgeous as well. Several of the young bolly startlets still look unsure when carrying a sari with an open drape

  4. The border of the President’s saree seems Paithani. Mind you difficult these days to id. I saw a Kanjeevaram saree with Paithani pallu the other day.

  5. They all look good but tbh the sarees themselves are pleasant and no more though I am partial to Kyoko Jaishankar’s.

    Meloni is probably the one who didn’t wear usual politician fare. And among spouses Akshata of course.

  6. Elegant ladies!! Yuko Kishida wearing kanjeevaram. President murmu ji’s saree is paithani fusion (not kanjeevaram both border or body) . It is most certainly not hand woven but machine made and there are many fusion sarees these days, Mine and some of extended family have a few paithani+kanjeevaram, chikankari + kanjeevaram( as weird as it my sound lol), Kanjeevaram + banarasi , bandhej + kanjeevaram etc etc. I think all these are possible with machine weaves, because handweaves in fusion can cost lakhs.


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