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You didn’t think we had forgotten, did you? This week, the beautiful Ms. Dixit is up.

Though it’s easy to miss, Madhuri has given us quite the range on these pages. It’s just that the misses have out-numbered the hits often times earning her a one word critique- dated. We believe majority of the blame lies with the hair, when the clothes are okay that is.

This was a fun exercise, indulgent at best. While some of these looks are a no-brainer for her, for others, you may have to leave your imagination-hat on for just a second longer. With the right hair, make-up and accessories, there’s not one look below that we can’t even envision on her. Some slightly modified of course.

Madhuri Dixit

L To R: Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna, Anupamaa, am:pm And Gauri And Nainika

L To R: Ritu Kumar, Zubair Kirmani, Wendell Rodricks And Rajesh Pratap Singh

L To R: Rahul Mishra, JJ Vallaya, Nachiket Barve And Vikram Phadnis

L To R: Anand Kabra, Namrata Joshipura, Abraham And Thakore And Atsu

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I feel that while your suggestions for PC and Shruti were so spot on, I am unable to imagine Madhuri in any of the above except the Vikram Phadnis or the am:pm. She has after all a specific persona which is likely to carry of some kinds of looks more than the others.
    But I must also tell you that this thread is a great idea and I look forward.

  2. My my….. This looks like my wish list….. All suggestions r sooo stunning…. Mads will look great in all of them… Wish to see her wearing the first piece by rohit gandhi rahul khanna….. Its gorgeous!!!loove this section of urs….. Thnks:-)

  3. Awful suggestions! You ladies are obviously not stylists or you would know that for her body / figure, voluminous and overly layered, poufy clothing would not work. Something more streamlined and with a bit of stretch and coverage is best. These options would work for someone else though.

  4. m having hard time imagining her in these…if she ditches the 90’s hair n the chamak saris she’ll do well..:)..but i liked the collection.wld luv to see Madhuri experimenting..

  5. I was waiting for this! That image of all the appearances lined up…talk about a pic, thousand words etc.! As someone who’s always liked Madhuri – acting chops and looks, I really hope she sees this and picks up some tips!
    That first gown is gorgeous, I loved the saris, I like the clean lines on some of the dresses (she really needs that, a good silhouette that still flatters her figure). On the fence about the Wendell Rodricks (especially with her present hairstyle!), but agree with you – there’s not one look that can’t be envisioned on her, with modifications.
    Thanks P&P! This is such fun! I love this feature on HHC! Hope Madhuri takes note…ek, do, teen nahi, solah new looks!

  6. Madhuri needs to change her hairs…madhuri needs to change her bra…madhuri must ditch her saris…..These r the things which u suggest for Madhuri Dixit,The DIVA. Well I can put up many pics where she changed her hairs and u criticized tht too….she changed her saris,u criticized tht too…she tried some cleavage show,u loathed tht too…!!! eg. her changed hair during Stardust awards last year, her filmfare dancr with SRK….list is long!!.

    Ironically her Green Varun Behl sarees which u put up for criticism was selected as one of the best saree appearances recently by bwood ladies by Femina/Filmfare. And also ironically the twitter world tweeted abt her sarees at Madam Tussauds and all liked it!! Coming to her Hairs, which people say is outdated, well to state it accurately…ITS NATURAL to her.And people love her for tht natural earthly things. She changed her hairs in AAJA NACHLE…and kindly read viewers review ir critics review….they missed her long curly hairs!!! Get over your insane tips and open ur eyes and ears to see What people love on Madhuri!!! Sge was the biggest star and she still is a huge star…not for nothing….

    • Adding to it…..u also criticize her Airport appearances….now which actress looks gorgeous and all decked up aftr a flight!!! I hv yet to see any such actress…..Those who are need tht as they know they wld look ugly without makeup or smart clothes.Madhuri never wanted limelight, never wld….she dresses up to travel and not for camera lens outside airport!!! Cameras wait for het divine smile and not to chk which designer label she is carrying. Madhuri knows this fact and whole India knows this too apart from the mods here!!! Fashion is something which u feel comfirtable in…..Fashion for madhuri is natural grace and simplicity !!!

  7. All said and done, I have to agree with this person above. You are rather unkind to Madhuri on the “dated” front. Whilst your admiration for her acting chops and her smile and her beauty remain well established, one can’t help but feel that you do not credit her for retaining a style that she originated all those years ago. It may be one thing to change with the times for someone who never really had a signature look attached to them, but a whole other for a person who originated a style that many, many girls copied (and still do, in some cases). Moving away from that signature look merely to stay with the zeitgeist (centred quite comically around labels and looks in American Vogue) is not only a total farce, but a complete disservice to a look that has held her in good stead all these years. I agree, some of the clothes she wears are in terrible taste, but when has she ever worn fantastic clothes? And has that ever mattered to what she brings to the table? Agreed, this is a fashion blog, and you reserve every right to criticise her for (what you think are) terrible choices. But, if “dated” is about the only adjective that you can come up with to describe her, don’t feature her at all, especially – when it comes to the hair – all the poor woman is doing is wear the style that she originated and has come to be synonymous with her. Picking on it would be akin to going Oh Lata Mangeshkar only wears white. Duh.


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