WIFW A/W 2013: Myoho

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Girls, I love your website, I really do. But, these ads are extremely irritating. They weren’t too distracting before. Now, they pop up and cover up half the picture when you try to hit “close”. I’m not asking for them to be removed – I’m not unreasonable. I’m just asking for you to keep them a little out of the way and not take away from your posts, if possible. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Indian fashion weeks seem really forced…and that seems to be because the majority of the population is unaware of these designers (Save for Manish M and Sabyasachi) and they are just not relevant to the majority of the population.

    In the west, fashion weeks in Paris-Milan-London-New York do definitely have a lot of unwearable pieces in them, but the ideas represented by those quite influential designers are ones normal girls in the West pay attention to. Be it ruffles, peplum, whatever. This isn’t necessarily how it seems to be in India.

    I would not wear those to work, whether I lived in India or Indiana, and I don’t anyone else in a typical Indian job (i.e. not fashion, films, etc) would wear them either.

  3. Actually I would wear many of these to work. But thn again maybe if you worked in a corporate set up where a majority of your coworkers wore variations of mind numbingly dull pantsuits you’d look too distracting. So yeah, I understand why many here objects to the idea. Am not sure how the idea of wearing these outfits to work came up tho.


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