When Black Is "Blah"


    Even a gorgeous Sushmita couldn’t spice up this black dress at the DVD release of the movie “Samsaara”. Someone remove that belt from the dress and hand her a steam iron to remove the wrinkles and then we might have something good in our hands!

    And I don’t understand this obsession of flimsy ribbon belts on outfits. So ugly!

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    1. Hi,
      Ribbons, stoles, long scarves and thin stripped pieces of cloth will make it to the next trend of what was earlier the belt. (broad, then thin, then like a brocade, etc…)
      I have seen ribbons on many dresses, kurtis and tops in B’bay and i only see the trend picking up – often these misplaced-looking faimilar strings are used to elevate, attract or just to give a flowing look to the attire.
      eg. black hosiery top paried with navy blue pants – with a deep almost matt orange colored strip running through the hooks and ending up with a bow on the side. at first, it may not appeal to the eye, but it looks different, by that i dont mean bad diff!

      Ps. I liked your take on designers dressing ugly – i have my share of ‘how could she’also. “:)




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