What Was She Thinking?

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Beige. Beige. Beige. And, monogrammed Louis Vuitton wallet. And, monogrammed Gucci bag. And, monogrammed Gucci pumps.

If Meera had a thought bubble over head, it would say, “…………………………………………………………..”


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  1. hahaha i really love your captions… the one here about the thought bubble cracked me up! your blog is awesome 🙂 and what the hell is this lady wearing???

  2. Ewwwwwww again. Her hose is soooooo cheap. My CVS sells hose better than that. And who wears hose with a dress like that…well who wears a dress like that???
    Its so ill fitting and whats with that white tube top underneath….I am damn sure its not part of the dress..Terrible lady, terrible make up and terrible terrible clothes.
    – A

  3. And they call this woman Pakistan’s Aishwarya Rai. Rai is a horrid dresser but aleast she looks classy and she has a gorgeous face. This Meera is so trashy. Yuck!

  4. Really how desperate are you guys in India, that you bring down this thing from Pakistan. If you had to import, could you not import some one prettier. OTT dressing, and whats with those Moulin Rouge tights?

  5. Actually, NO ONE calls her pakistans ashwariya rai, lol. Shes not very attractive, nor is she well spoken. Pakistani girls are beautiful, i think most people would die before making that comment.


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