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Wearing saris, these lovely ladies filmed an episode for a television reality show recently. While Ms. Rahman picked a sari by Gaurang to wear, it was a Manish Malhotra for Ms. Parekh. Like what you see?

Waheeda Rahman And Asha Parekh On Superstar Singer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow – what a sight for sore eyes. Waheeda ji looks luminiscent in that saree. Don’t love the saree of Asha ji, but cannot deny the grace she brings to it.

    • I agree. As resplendent as they look, I am not a fan of Ashaji’s saree. Its really basic and the colors don’t go well together.

  2. In awe of both of them but especially Ms. Parekh rocking the living hell out of a Manish Malhotra garment. Decimated every wannabe fashionista with her inherent style and sparkling personality.

  3. some things in life are too beautiful to analyze.. gaurang and malhotra can now call themselves successful designers, they made this happen.

  4. Ha, I knew everyone would fawn over this sari sighting as always.
    They look good and elegant and just like millions of other beautiful women sporting saris for eons.
    Fashionistas? No. Graceful? Hell yes. I also respectfully disagree with the opinion of MM on Ms. Parekh. Its a fugly saree with a cheap-looking border.
    I just find it strange that we immediately put down our generation’s entire fashion choices once we spot someone from the older generation sporting a sari.

    • And i knew there would be one comment that would have a problem with it. Btw even my Mil finds them old and wonders why people fan girl over reasonably old ladies when they could have looked younger just by colouring their white hair and my Mil is 69.
      The pressure to look a certain way is problem that women of every age face.
      And just because of that I think it is important to praise and respect women who choose to age gracefully without any peer pressure.

  5. They look so adorable. I agree that the sarees themselves are nothing special but the power and grace these ladies bring to them is incredible. The way they are draped and accessorised- reminds us of why the saree is such a beautiful garment.
    Lovely pics

  6. I think the fawning is over their timelessness- which by definition makes them look modern. More than the sarees it is their hair and make up that is adding a lot of grace and spunk. That they chose not to go the heavy jewelry, bindi gajra, but kept it normal yet elegant is refreshing. Bottom line as I wrote earlier once, the fawning is because despite being film-stars, they are not sartorially filmy. They are like many other beautiful women from India, who feel and hence exude the aura of a queen when dressed in a pretty saree.

  7. It is a look my mom carries everyday.
    Can’t swoon, can’t fault. It’s graceful as is. Don’t overhype it just because an older generation is wearing it.


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