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Recent few appearances had Vidya reaching for saris again… Her choices included a red and white sari by Saundh, a black and gold sari by Masaba and a kalamkari one by Itrh. She wears them all well. Which did you like her best in?

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: PR Provided

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  1. ok the 1st looks like a jamdani ? but atleast the motifs are modern and different what I have seen,
    the 2nd looks like a raw mango (who did innovate in chanderis with their designs) or any chanderi available everywhere
    is the 3rd kalamkari paintings done with traditional techniques or kalamkari “print” something like it?
    not sure, I am sick every designer appropriating traditional handlooms from benaras to kanchi to ikat where majority of the work is done by the craftspeople and tagging their label on it by adding some tacky border on it

    • Why isn’t it her cup of tea? some commentator above didn’t like the sleeves version on the third look and you think sleeveless isn’t, err I’d take these “blouses” over the non existent noodle strap things or Bralets masquerading as blouses any day. I find the “fashion“ critique on this blog quite patriarchal. It is increasingly becoming about what these women should be wearing/not wearing, their bodies their poses, instead of commenting on the the aesthetic appeal of the garment or the style/ fashion quotient. What I see in all three pictures is a person who looks confident comfortable, playing up to their personal style aesthete etc. I think critiquing should be more on these lines. These are human people, not objects. They shouldn’t have to cover up/ not cover up to make any one else except themselves comfortable.


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