In Tweed and Twine

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At an awards event on Tuesday, Vidya was seen in a tuxedo dress from Tweed and Twine. Hair worn down in a sleek do, her look was finished out with statement starburst earrings from Goenka Jewellers. She looked nice. Having said that, I would’ve preferred the dress without the contrast white hem.

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love the whole look, even with the white contrast. It adds an interesting element. It’s striking, elegant and event appropriate at the same time.

  2. STOP. Just stop this. Had the dress not had a white hem, you’d have called it “meh”/cliched. When you provide a critique, I wonder if you think about how you would probably end up criticizing even what you’re suggesting. Also, please critique people based on WHO the person is. For Vidya, like many of her recent outings, this is an unqualified win.

    • Am critiquing the design element of the gown itself. Not Vidya here. It is possibly to do both in a post. Say a person looks nice but also call out the outfit in question as well.

    • Who the person is?
      Are you suggesting it’s ok to critic some persons n not others?
      Maybe you should read the post again n read it slowly
      Payal has critiqued the outfit, not the person
      Also if needed, people should be critiqued too for their fashion choices

      • I grew with you, but sadly this never happens to the select few. They are never ever criticised for their bad dressing for example Alia Bhatt

  3. WWWW has been styling Vidya for ages but this recent clutch of looks are totally hitting the spot. Way to go. She suddenly looks like she’s turned the clock back to her Cannes days, she’s glowing.

  4. The white is supposed to give a rolled up cuff look..
    tbh i don’t mind it
    Vidya looks good n comfortable..
    Comfort is a rarity in Bollywood nowadays


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