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Vidya and Disha attended the Filmfare Awards wearing black dresses with platform sandals but that is where the similarities ended. Between the two, Vidya stood way more for her clean chic outfit. As for Ms. Patani, no matter what she wears, she always comes off looking haphazard and messy.

Agree? Disagree?

Disha is wearing Atsuko Kudo.

Vidya Balan and Disha Patani

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Vidya looks great.. Statement earrings would have elevated the look. However, I do feel that she was a bit underdressed for a big event.

  2. disha is a lost cause even with that banging bidy … just fixing that ‘i was running late so i let my hair dry in the auto ride here’ hair with some classic loubs would have somehow saved her!

  3. Vidya looks great here . Disha , as per usual, looks like she feels sorry that she is such a breathtaking beauty with an equally breathtaking body so much so that she brings herself down to us mortals by way of dressing shabbily.

    Also are these “The Filmfare Awards” ? All the pics from the event look badly shot in really iffy lighting. I’ve seen better pictures from our friendly neighborhood photographers in our local events and functions.


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