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Wearing separates by Bodhi Tree, Vidya attended Salman Khan’s birthday do. Vidya has been experimenting more, and for that she gets props. This outfit however was an unfortunate choice since it neither did much for the actor, nor did it photograph well. We weren’t fans of the look.

Vidya Balan At Salman Khan’s Birthday Do


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She’s looking so bulky! The color, the style and the ponytail is all making her look bloated! The top here should not have been this lose!

  2. HHC you really need to step up the game on images. This looks awful but not so bad on insta. In too many of the pics here the lighting and angles are pretty bad and made more glaring when there are other sources for the same dress.

    • Insta photos are mostly heavily filtered. I’d rather see the unfiltered version to gauge for myself how the outfit actually looks.

      • I agree – always discount insta pics by some margin. However the ones here are the other end and go out of the way to be unflattering – like changing room images. Its not just VB seen it in many pics.

  3. So is this how it looks for real or the way it does on instagram? I guess it leads to the existential question of what is real!?

    • General rule of thumb – insta is never “real”. esp for celebrities. everything is either photoshopped or filtered (or both!) by a small army of elves. this is without even factoring in the professional hair & makeup

  4. I just went through her insta page. Thanks to the link you provided. Her last 10 looks have been great. You didn’t feature any of them and featured this monstrosity. What did poor vidya do to you ?

  5. The sheer panels are a bad idea for sure and also the length of the pants are a problem.
    But, the silver silkish material is not actually bad. IMO the flashes make this look awful. It isn’t half as bad under humane lights.
    Not commenting/showing other pics of her and showcasing this particular one does for the first time seem very biased of you against her. I appreciate you linking the other posts but picking on these pics alone seems a tad unfair.
    Also, she does look nice, in a normal (not bollywoodish) sort of way.


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