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Vidya attended the screening of Delhi Crime season 2 in Mumbai on Thursday evening wearing a printed blue gown from Baise Gaba. Between the strips of print and the lack of defined waist on Vidya, I was feeling no love for the maxi itself. Terrible terrible design.

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • That’s the exact problem, wear it as is by the designer if that fits your body in it, change a thing and it’s different piece completely. Usually actors get designer clothes modified god knows why, and this is the result.

  1. This- exactly this- is my grouse with plus size designs when not visualised / catered for actual plus size persons and just made in a ” bigger size’. the proportions are off, the fall is different, the neckline is stretched making the top half look terrible, the lines on the bust make her look more top heavy than she is- and the less said about the sleeves, the better.

    It’s so sad that even celebs have to go through the pain of this– not just us regular people.

    I feel sorry for Vidya, though. I’m sure her clout and standing can deliver better options to her – this is plain lack of taste.

    • Sorry for Vidya, why? I could see loads of plus size women all around me, from all walks of life dressing impeccably, beautifully with good fit and great sense…you can’t feel sorry for someone who lacks complete interest in dressing; in that case why to wear designer clothes or why to have a stylist… One can even wear a simple pair of jeans in so many ways…

    • She is def not pluz size. Do you know what plus size is? I guess not, if you are yourself anywhere between 0 to 10.. Having said that, the outfit is bad and the sleeve modification adds to the disaster- it is also something I expect Vidya to wear. It is not so much her comparatively larger size in an industry that is size 0 but her lack of knowledge on what suits her and works for her body that makes clothes not so “cool” on her. Also, I wonder if the stylist that she works with knows what to suggest to her… we are all so obsessed with skinny body types that we have a lost a sense of cuts and stitches that would look good on a fuller body type.

  2. this outfit literally highlights and exaggerates exactly the wrong parts of the body (*any* body) — so, as much as the design is logic-defying, so is the decision to pick this.

  3. Is it so difficult to dress up decently? People like us with very limited resources average look even understand what is working or not working on us w/o even giving too much effort…look @Nandita Das, i have hardly seen her flaunting any high end brand, but she is always so well turned up!!!

  4. She looks great, the design is good and accents height on the model, on Vidya it’s big, I’ll fitting, not for her body and not looking as good

  5. It’s a perfect example of how fitting can make or break a look. The dress look superb on the model. The bad bust fitting, alterations to the sleeve design and the fabric pooling makes the proportions look off on Vidya. The styling is not helping either.


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