1. Ishaan’s would be nice if the pants were longer. The rest are head-shaking. Varun outfit looks like it belongs on a career woman walking to the subway in her comfy shoes.

    • Ishaan needs socks too. Varun needs a shirt. Karan can start his magic tricks that apparently need safety goggles. Maybe she should start with getting the guy out of his straight jacket.

    • Ta’s comment is spot on!! I am laughing as I type this…LOL

      KJo’s suit is awful but he is still preening that too at some silly awards show. Must be nice to live in a bubble.

  2. Varun seems like he is channeling SRK from that awful film ‘RAM JAANE’ where he wore these baggy 90’s suits with no shirts. Google it.

  3. Varun’s look is rather Vulgar for lack of a better word. Big LOL. These guys really need to stay orig and in their skin.
    This is Lol.

  4. Darshan looks the least ridiculous. All other looks are crazy. And I can’t even with Karan’s poses and expressions anymore. Does no one tell him how hilarious he looks?


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