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Katrina attended the Zoom Holi party wearing an Anamika Khanna outfit from the Spring 2019 collection that was unveiled just yesterday on Instagram.

Growing up and even now, when deciding to play Holi, one mostly wore clothes that you knew were on its last leg of life. Because those colors never quite came off. So, when I see Katrina in her outfit, color me surprised. Pun very intended!

Katrina Kaif

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. As per her IG, this was for a dance performance at a Holi event and not something she wore to play Holi so it’s fine I guess.

    I like it because it’s fun and different from what Katrina usually prefers.

  2. You expected to see her in a faded Tee and old pajamas? It’s called being a celebrity and being given clothes by designers for events.

      • So you are okay with a White Salwar Kurta getting doused with colors and being rendered unusable ?
        isin’t that equally a waste of money ?
        how do you define which amount of money is okay to waste the cost of designer outfit Vs a salwar kameez.
        To a celebrity the amount amount doesn’t mean much just like with you its okay to ruin a white salwar kameez.
        so pls balance your comments

  3. Free or bought, never mind but this is a really silly outfit to wear.. like someone said above it’s a blouse n petticoat.. more like she removed the saree (white thing on her arms) and flung it in air.

  4. from the IG profiles of the designer and the stylist, it looks like shooting the outfit in holi colors was part of the set up. i could be wrong though!


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