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Vaani shared pics of herself on social media in which she was seen wearing an eyelet dress from LoveShackFancy. Like the dress? I am finding it a bit tweensy.

Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor

Photo Credit: Instagram

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    • What’s up with some people always criticizing women in general? How about if you don’t like this outfit, just say something about this particular outfit? It’s a far healthier outlook to have.

  1. I love loveshackfancy dresses because they have this laid back beach town vibes but they are outrageously overpriced for no reason. Tweeny or not Vaani wears it well.

  2. Maybe at a spa/ resort during lunch. Also, the highly curated photos for social media take away anything good from the picture. This same pic would have looked so relatable if it was a pic with friend/ pet/ etc. but here it comes across as forced.

  3. She looks great in it. There are times when we can defy conventional wisdom, especially when we so easily say things like how someone can look great in a potato sack. Why not here? Look at how comfortable she looks!

  4. If someone feels like themselves in an outfit, it a piece of clothing really makes them happy/comfortable, then who cares if it’s “tweensy” or if it ages them? The thing about clothes and style is this—what matters is how it makes YOU feel, not how it makes other people who look at you feel.

    And yeah I know this is a fashion blog, but maybe the idea of fashion can evolve to mean something more than it does right now.

  5. Just loving the vibes of this look. I’m from the school that believes age appropriate dressing doesn’t or shouldn’t exist, so I just love it!


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