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Udita looked soo goood in this white dress at the premiere of “Woodstock Villa”. But, why oh why, did she have to wear the “cheerio” style necklace and those bow tie shoes that only should be seen on three year old girls! Can someone please let her know about nude colored innerwear!

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  1. well at least she didnt try to match her jewellery with

    shes got too much foundation on but, i think filmstars should first take a photo of themselves before they step out. so then they can see what the flash makes pp see…the foundation and the undergarments.

    but hey, she made some sort of effort and wore white…and not like black or something!

  2. Awww! I really like what she has put together. This outfit can be accessorised in a much classier way, but she’s put her own spin to it. Methinks its cute.

  3. the complete attire is perfect….i think she on purpose wear undergarments like that…after all she is has a sizziling image….i wish she could changer her hairstyle ths one is totally bland

  4. hmm…this is kinda tricky
    her outfit and the necklace is cute and funky, but it just doesn’t suit her, as her image is neither cute not funky, she is 30ish (i assume) and i think, I repreat in lots of replies, when the outfit doesn’t work its your body language and the way you present it…so she should try dressing sexy like m.arora khan…maybe ppl will appreciate her more than this cute funky look

  5. true true…and her makeup, especially, does not go with the rest of the look
    it’s somehting that would be cute is she wore it as day wear


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