WTHeyy: The Male Edition!

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Spotted Bobby Deol sporting quite a bizarre shirt! I am still quite surprised considering I always thought he was quite a good dresser!



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  1. ok people, LOOOK – LOOK – see the front fork. Does it have three different coloured button up’s !? Does it !? does it ?

    – shriek of horror –

  2. Bobbyji, with this shirt, you will have the same fate in the fashion world as most of your recent releases at the box office

  3. he still doesn’t look as bad as his brother even with an aviary on his shirt. it’s wierd that a handsome man like dharmendra has spawned so many unattractive offspring.

  4. ha ha ha ha ! I love the expression ! It goes so well with the shirt ! Its almost as if he decided let me F*** their brains with this shirt !

  5. @ once again…OMG!!!! LoL

    @pixie…i know aiye? Dharamendra was named like the 6th most good looking man in the world in the 1960s…and now we get his kids…*sigh*


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