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Twinkle shared a pic of herself in London wearing a floral dress from Zimmermann with a Chanel clutch and Valentino rockstud sandals.

While her dress is sold out, you can shop others here.

P.S: Please continue being cautious, double mask and get vaccinated when able to. Stay safe and well!

Twinkle Khanna

Photo Credit: Instagram

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      • The world has anyway stopped for people who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic. The least I could do is go to my work place which is a health care laboratory, for your kind information.

        The least I can do is avoid Laalbazar as well and try to minimize my chances of catching the virus or infecting other people.

  1. I had to take a moment to read beyond the word ‘london’….lucky able to travel and take vacations during this covid time.
    Nice vintage style dress.

  2. Itโ€™s a gorgeous dress, looks similar to a vintage…I believe the dress has pockets, thatโ€™s why it seems like a hand is missing !

  3. Lol….Once I saw the “missing” arm I couldn’t unsee it!
    Some Zimmerman clothes are a little too Victorian for me, but this one I like.

    • @Anonymouschameleon.
      Covid was never a thing for BW waalas (and recently Obamas), they ordered us all to mask up not leave our homes and sacrifice for the nation and took off on private jet trips to Maldives and each others’ homes for parties.
      Covid only exists for plebs

    • Forget abt India! Is Covid not a thing in the world. London has been on top of casuallaties in every wave and I thought there are travel restrictions still+ India is still in Amber list.god knows how these ppl manahe to dodge everything and enjoy.

    • 60 percent of the target population has already received first dose, 8 percent has been been fully vaccinated. The travel restrictions have been lifted since June. Hotels, parks, restaurants and theatres are working. It means of course people can go out with proper precautions.


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