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Debuting separates from her and Rhea’s ready to wear line, Rheson, Sonam was photographed as she exited the airport. A striking red lip in place, the actor rounded out the look with black accessories which included her trusty Birkin. Sonam looked good.

Sonam Kapoor Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Yogen Shah

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  1. Is it snowing in Mumbai?
    Someone dresses like its a wedding before taking a dip…
    Notwithstanding the fact that they do look good….
    Appropriateness has lost its definition.

  2. Such restrictive dresses for a flight journey? And then people talk about wearing sarees for flight. She does look good but in general, I don’t understand her ‘fashion’ or her ‘style’.

      • Yup she for sure is a fashion victim. Or more like a brand slave. I don’t see this dress comfortable for travelling no matter how “airy” it is. A maxi anyday is better over such a dress.

    • It’s an extremely basic, elongated shirt dress of the sort that you can find in any fast fashion store for casual, summer wear in midi/maxi styles. If there’s something restrictive or travel inappropriate about this outfit, maybe the shoes (or definitely the shoes)…but the dress, seriously? It’s made out of a soft, stretchy material and has a loose cut. If she was wearing tight leather pants or a bodycon dress, maybe I’d understand your comment…but in case you’re not just criticizing/comparing for the sake of it, I’d recommend trying out stuff like this in person…it’s light, airy and pretty much as comfortable as it gets.

      • Agree, Himani. I dont see this dress as restrictive. It seems comfy/airy. Sari, probably is, with all the pleats, the inner skirt. Particularly if you had to pee …in those tiny flight restrooms (even the business class ones). *shudders*

        • I read your comments and it feels like someone already put my thoughts in words out there. That seems to be a super comfy dress, and the fact that Sonam herself wearing it fabulously and carrying it off so well, is a great advertisement for their brand.

      • @Himani: This dress in any other fabric would still be restrictive in terms of movement. It is not to do with the fabric but with the shape & cut of it. That is what I meant by saying that it is “restrictive” for a flight/journey! And with those giant boots, its even worse. I would rather wear a maxi than such a dress, as a maxi is comfortable, “airy” and not at all restrictive in terms of mobility.

  3. normal jersey dress and jacket which is available in every single retail store.
    ugly shoes n socks.
    all this in mumbai weather.
    and we call her fashion icon. shudder!!
    she is just a fashion victim!!

  4. First time seen a dress cause a case of cameltoe! I don’t like how clingy the dress is. The red lips are hot. Like the edgy boots and jacket, but isn’t it very hot in Mumbai now?

      • As women, let’s start accepting cameltoes. They exist because genitalia exist. There’s nothing embarrasing, nothing ughh about them. Let’s give ourselves the freedom to dress freely and comfortably. The same freedom that men have.

  5. such heavy boots in mumbai summer.. can understand the jacket considering it might be cold in the flight.. but i can even wear regular closed flats forget such leather shoes.

  6. How are those jacket and boots fashionable for summer. We do have seasons in India..summer and non-summer and she is trying to sell non-summery stuff during peak Indian summer and this is someone who supposedly understands fashion…hehe


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