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You can always count on Ms. Chopra to give us interesting travel gear. A recent sighting had her in a graphic tee, leather jacket and camouflage pants. And a felt hat, high-tops, top knot and Louis Vuitton bag were accessories of choice! You like?

More pictures inside.

priyanka chopra photographed in bombay airport-may 2014

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra photographed in bombay airport-may 2014-1

Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. there is too much going on in this outfit, it’s like she decided to pick every statement piece from her wardrobe and wear it all together

  2. Her outfit is interesting for sure, not my style, but good for traveling I suppose. She looks good without all the makeup though, her skin is looking fresh. She should keep it natural more often than going to heavy foundations that don’t match her skin tone.

  3. Sometimes I feel these stars look so average that they are just lucky to be so famous. In someways I am glad that the competition is getting tough with a new person joining the industry every week.

  4. She looks great with minimal makeup which is rarae these days with bollywood actresses (deepika,sonam anyone ?)
    I dont like those pants with that jacket and shirt.

  5. TO all the Readers,
    Have you felt the Mumbai’s Humidity level and Heat these days?
    That pant , those boots and o top it all a leather jacket(RiRi inspired)
    …. uffff toooo much ?

    I understand they have first class lounge and fully AC cars , BUT the time in between sometimes stretch to an hour .

    when will these idiots wear cotton pants , linen pant and tank top ?

    DOES fashion supersedes climate and comfort?

    • Tell me about it. If u’ve experienced the mumbai heat, u will actually start getting uncomfortable just looking at this. :O True, even 15 minutes without an A/c, even early morning in Mumbai, can drench you in sweat, really


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