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Gauri was photographed as she was heading out of the airport recently. Pairing her summery Roberto Cavalli top with denims, she rounded out the look with a Balenciaga tote and pair of Stella McCartney loafers. Like what you see?

P.S: You can shop the Cavalli top here and the McCartney loafers here.

Gauri Khan Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. just for a day, I want an invisible cloak like in Harry Potter and see Gauri and all these fashion celebs shop & pay $2200 bucks for such a normal looking blouse.. What really goes through their mind while spending 1.5 lakh in one swipe. 😀

    • It is the same Kind of thoughts which goes in ones mind while shopping for 2-5k top or blouse from Zara ,Mango,Aldo, HnM,MK etc.
      To a person who can’t afford above amount for a single top and buys 300-500? top from Janpath , sarojini or so , this 2-5k spend would surely look insane.
      And for millionaires billionaires – upper strata & the rich ones of society shopping high fashion and designer is as normal as an upper middle class shopping at Big Malls and as normal as a lower middle class or so person shopping at local street market.
      It is just shift in mindset.
      It is all about the class division in society based on money .
      As they say if you have it then flaunt it ,same with money as it is with good physique.
      Not everyone follows simple loving and high thinking stuff there are all kinda permutations and combinations applied to that statement by people.
      Nothing wrong in that , one does what makes one happy.Shopping is a therapy of sorts.
      Pardon for long reply.No offence to anyone, not being rude, just stating facts.
      You can question where do I shop but I am not answering that .?

      • Well explained! I have shopped quite a lot from flee market, specially the accessories. I still pick accessories if I find them unique, specially when I am on vacations whether in India or outside the country. But a shift has surely been there. While in my college days, wasn’t even aware of brands like Zara, H&M etc., now these are my go-to destinations for my share of retail therapy!

  2. $1700 for this blouse? Seriously? Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t spend it on a piece like this. The blouse is strictly okay. There is nothing so special about it to pay so much money for it. Even if we consider that Cavalli is a luxury brand, in my opinion buying this blouse is merely a status symbol

    • Though I agree with blouse not being worth 1700$ , but It is believe a matter of personal choice and preference as I don’t think she has any stylist to suggest .


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