Too Much Of A Good Thing?

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We already saw Roohi wearing a Gucci skirt from the Resort 2008 collection. But, I was really surprised to see her in another Gucci dress from the same collection.

While, both are great pieces, the question is that given a choice and all the money, would you buy more than one piece from the same collection or rather diversify??

Roohi Jaikishen

Gucci Resort 2008

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  1. id personally diversify. this dress is great but i’m not sure its the best thing on roohi… it makes her waist look wider than usual.. kind of like the love handles stick out more? what do you guys think?

  2. Maybe it’s like us shopping in a store where we sometimes end up buying more than one if we couldn’t choose between many. So for the people with all the money, if they absolutely love the collection, they most probably would end up picking more than a piece. However, if I were in her position, I would have picked in different print/colour.

  3. she may be a socialite but who is Roohi and what background does she come from? i’m just curious as i’ve never heard of her before.


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