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If there was a thought bubble over Hema, what do you think it would say as she stares at Mallika’s itsy bitsy dress!


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  1. What is with Anon above???? Do u know the meaning of the words u have used???
    If u believe Hema Malini has class will she ever use such words? !!

  2. I have three that come to mind:

    “I hope Esha doesn’t try this.”

    “She is actually dressed up for this event.”

    “Has Mallika covered up this time because of me?”

  3. pitu , good one πŸ™‚

    did u see Asin at the same function? one of the few on whom the anarkali is looking good apart from the Tabu one which u posted.
    I guess u need a good height to carry it off.


  4. Hema: why this girls nowadays dressing like that. my poor baby esha feeling too much competition so now she just dressing like a boy πŸ™

  5. I used to look like that

    I remember hema malini was stylish

    she could manage to look sexy despite less skin show

    she started the trend of “chhmmak chhallo” heroine in bollywood

    i only watch old movies if it has hema malini in it


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