Accessorizing With Louis

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Spotted Ramya Krishna in her fabulous patent peep-toe pumps and Louis Vuitton Suhali bag… We thought she looked great barring the stole which was so unnecessary and that rather tacky bracelet!

But it was her namesake, Ramya, whose look we really loved! Matching the blue of her dress with the yellow of her Louis Vuitton peep-toes was unexpected but a look that perfectly worked and more importantly, one that she carried off so well! Our only gripe… wish she hadn’t carried her Louis Vuitton monogrammed wallet!

Ramya Krishna


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  1. Flower Power,

    Ramya Krishna is an actress too. Apart from the many South Indian movies, she’s also acted in a smattering oF hindi movies… Remember Khalnayak? Criminal? Parampara?

  2. Ramya in first pic- Wow what a dress…..what a fit…..what a color….so thoughtful and so creative….I would not have been able to put such an ensemble together ever!!!
    Ramya in second pic- Wow what arms!! Wow what face!!

  3. sersily…how elegantly n subtely the first raimya is..i love the fall of the dress…yeh like the secodn ramya n her dress too..thou nt sure of the sandles…but who the 2 ramya..?she cute..n also kept the makeup minimum..nicey nice..

  4. Cleavage in d 2nd pic isn’t a feast 2 d eyes at all!!!
    Dress in d 1st pics is OK but d purse…..worse than d one in 2nd pic!

  5. ^ i think its the hair that’s gotten on to the cleavage n is emphasizing it lol… thats why its lookin a little vulgar… By the way the second chick works in TV series on Star plus… “kayamat” Ekta Kapoor serial. :/


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