The Fashion Police Is Out Again

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I absolutely hate it when siblings dress alike. I hate it even more when couples dress alike. You know, the kind who wear matching tees and go riding tandem cycles!! Eeecks. But at this point, I’l even take that looking at the way Salman and Katrina dressed for two seperate events and really, there is just no excuse for it!

Just look at the way Mr. Khan dressed for a preview of Pradeep Verma’s paintings at the Suchitrra Art Gallery. The over-bleached hair, that same ol’ Ed Hardy tee and those tattered jeans! Geez. Unless you are an Abercrombie model, no one and I mean no one should be dressing in jeans that tatterred! As far as camouflage goes, unless you are in the military, live in a trailor park or are a certifiable redneck, please steer clear off of them!

And as far as Ms. Kaif goes, boooring!! There she was at the unveiling of Philips’ diamond-encrusted Ambilight Flat TV looking monochromatic and washed out! She is beautiful, sure, but oh so yawn-worthy too! And that transluscent blouse?? That grey dress over it?? Over her denims?? And that frilly long scarf detail on her collar!! No No No. Layering works wonders, but clearly, in some cases, absolutely not!

Where have all the stylists gone?


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