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You know Tara loves a good crop-top! Which of the two looks do you like her more in.. The dressed-up (relatively) or dressed-down look?

Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The second one is just a colored bra. Going by the pic, Tara seems to be in some building parking area. Surprised that in India people casually wear Bra with jeans on the road. Beach I understand but can’t imagine wearing bra and going about your business in Mumbai.

    • Well, maybe if more people dress how they please, the creeps and judgmental morons on the street will finally stop caring. Frankly, in India, walking down the street fully clad still gets you harassed. It’s the mentality that’s the problem, not the clothes.

  2. This is such “Insta girl”/”Insta influencer” style…based on ‘trends’ rather than classic and individual style.
    I guess it’s the look of the new generation of Btown girls…personally, not my scene.

  3. Reading the second comment I was wondering the same thing, it’s surprising to see her walking around in Mumbai (unless it’s a promotion/event) in a top that resembles a bra! That said it’s just the same ole, same ole cropped top for her..not that it looks bad on her as she has a petite frame, however wish she ups her style game a bit..

  4. The white looks chic….but I agree with one of the comments above. This is a very influencer style …not her own individual style

  5. They work out hard and they have a body to flaunt, kudos to that. But all the gym work is always flaunted through the same old bras and something weird as bottoms.

  6. As an actual bombay (middle aged) girl I just want to clarify that there are 2 bombays – the same way marketers say there is India and there is Bharat and the sensibility of both is different.

    There are patches in bombay – a lot of town areas, bandra, some bit of Juhu etc.. where a crop top or bralette wouldn’t raise many eyebrows.. these are hubs with lots of pubs, cafes etc where young people commonly flock in such attire and a lot of the filmy, modelling crowd frequents. If you’re not using public transport and getting to these areas in your private car.. honestly such attire is not an issue.

    I’ve also seen a lot of young girls in ‘private’ public transport (such as autos & cabs etc.) wear crop tops and no one bats an eyelid. Mass public transport such as buses and trains is a different ball game and people wouldnt wear revealing clothes in that.

    I’m just saying if you’ve lived in pockets of Mumbai such as Pali Hill (in Bandra) you’d understand that this isn’t out of place. and if you’re a celeb it is very common for you to be sitting in your car and getting out wearing this to Hakkasan. 25% of the crowd will be dressed like this! (don’t ask me how one can wear this to a heavy lunch. I get a food baby tummy even with a cucumber 😉 )

    Again my intent is not to body shame anyone or say one shouldn’t think of environment while dressing. I’m just mentioning this because I keep seeing a lot of comments about “how can one wear this in Mumbai?” and since a lot of the commenters here don’t actually live in Mumbai, it might be interesting for them to know that it’s a very diverse (and relatively safer!) city.

    • Such a sensible comment . I never understood the impression in comments about why such clothes being worn in Mumbai . Like so many girls do wear ultra short crop tops in townside .But obviously they are not seen in public transport.

      • I think a lot of the followers of this blog are NRIs. I could be mistaken but I think so are P&P?
        btw love your name!


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