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Tara attended the screening of her movie on Friday evening wearing a peach-ish pink sari by Anjul Bhandari with jhumki style earrings. The sari was pretty but that drape with that bra-like blouse wasn’t working for me.

Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. A lost opportunity to look classy with that beautiful saree and that beautiful face! She (her stylist) should figure out a way to look hot (which is what she’s going for every time) without coming across desperate and vulgar.

  2. The need to constantly expose her body is completely tasteless. Just awful and if she thinks this is sexy, please someone tell her that it is not.

  3. This lady needs some lessons that skin show off is not the only way to look nice. Its worrisome that these new young girls are setting up a very wrong impression. I am not against the skin show off, but this is tacky.

    • They influence trends in young girls who aspire to be like them.. it’s scary! Thank God there’s a “decent” dresser like Sarah Ali in this new brigade!

  4. What would you say if you see Siddharth Malhotra or Ritesh Deshmukh making an appearance for movie screening dressed in chest barring outfit with pants.
    Beautiful saree wasted with wrong draping and absurd bra blouse.
    Lost opportunity!
    On a side note -I don’t think earrings are going with the saree.
    What could have been classy is made trashy .

  5. I just don’t understand, why this girl can’t step out of the house without skin show??? Please somebody make her understand that she looks more beautiful in decent clothes!

  6. She ALWAYS looks desperate
    I wonder what we would say if male celebrities showed up to film promotions wearing unzipped pants or shirtless

    Why do celebrity women feel the need to expose everything…. legs all the way up to their hips with no underwear ….
    Scraps over their front top…. whole belly

    What is it about the movie that they are promoting or the event that they are at which warrants a woman to be near naked?? But not a man ?

  7. Sari is really pretty! The drape is very bad! And it seems that the size of the blouse these young actresses are wearing is in direct proportion to their age… Lesser the age tinier the blouse!

  8. A saree with a normal drape, I feel, is inherently sexy, whether you wear it with a halter blouse or one that provides more coverage. She actually would have still looked sexy, and young, and fresh, if she had done a traditional drape. And I am not saying that people do not have the right to drape as they please – I am not a saree purist/dictator.

    However, I get the sense that a lot of people who wear sarees in this way would rather be wearing something else because their priority is to show off their body in a specific way, and so rather than accept the saree, they are fighting it. Here, I think Tara’s style objective could have been accomplished with a lehenga – still desi wear, with the same blouse and the same amount of coverage, but it would have looked much less awkward. She could have easily done the same with a dress (mini, gown, whatever).

    In short, like a lot of young women, Tara is just trying too hard. Which is sad, because she has such a great vibe and her clothes oftentimes are simply letting her down.

  9. OK…Tara is now officially the new Disha Pattani. Tara needs a lesson on ‘how not to objectify self’ pronto. I shudder to think young, impressionable girls looking up to these completely vacuous younger lot like Tara, Disha, Ananya.

  10. I think she look amazing. And why so much hate in the comment section??? She can wear whatever she want if you don’t like it then ignore it.


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