Who’s That Girl?

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So many of you wrote in wondering ‘who’s that girl’ with the same Gucci tote seen earlier in the week on Queenie

Well, the lady in question, is Tania Deol, an interior designer and also the wife of Bobby Deol.

P.S. Tania is carrying the Python version and also wearing a Fendi belt from the Spring 2008 collection. I love the belt but it was overkill for this outfit…

tania_deol_gucci_tote1.jpg 00010m.jpg
Fendi, Spring 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani and Style

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  1. Does any body have pics of Sunny deol’s boys ? I heard one of them is joining movies. I suddenly feel old because Sunny used to be the young actor of our times.

  2. oops MP I think I messed up beween Sunny and Bobby I heard him talk about havin teenage boys at home in one of the interviewes ( I believe they are a joint family) so he must be talking about his nephew. Still she looks awesome

  3. WOW, someone new to watch. she looks stylish and chic – and pretty to boot. P&P please keep an eye on what this lady wears for us! – no more “anu behenji” please

  4. FYI, her father is a huge business man in Bombay and the girl was a real hottie when studying in Xavier’s…..very South Bombay to the manor born, so does not have to prove a point….

  5. I know her personally..we went to Xaviers together and we all used to hang out in the same building in Cuffe Parade in B`bay when we were kids..As far as I can remember. Tania was a headturner back then and still is. She has always had impeccable style and sense of dressing..she is born with it..


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