The Ex-Factor!

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They both have the black ‘Birkin'(check it out here and here) and they also have the same ‘Chanel’ clutch.

Weird, ain’t it? 😉 Guess they just have similar tastes or …

Left: Karishma Kapur, Katrina Kaif Birthday Party
Right: Nandita Mahtani, Arjun Rampal Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I much prefer Nandita’s dress, it’s awesome
    As expensive as Karisma’s stuff is, she manages to make it look like somethign from wetseal

  2. well i think 4om wat it takes to be a mom n be tht shape n carry tight fitted clothes ..karisma wins it .
    as far as nandita her designs good but is she trying to hide her beer belly n her make up makes her look so fake in her light tones of tan till her neck n darker downwards .

  3. somehow nandita comes across as a interesting personality – has her own personal style

    karishma and kareena – usually look good – but attitude … less said the better

  4. well, i read somewhere that these two became good friends when Karisma’s marriage was going through a rocky phase.. Perhaps they still shop together? just a possibility..;-)

  5. From what I have seen of Nandita on your website, I find her stylish and she wears clothing and accessories that suit her but are quite unique as well.. karisma look good, but alwys plays it safe.. plus I can never forget how she looked in the 90s:-)

  6. in terms of style, karishma has had a metamorphosis, remember those thick eyebrows days and the tacky clothes – but i still can’t put my finger on why her face looks so different – i mean i recon the same jawline and nose and shes always been thin, like always and also her eyebrows are thin but how did she become so beautiful??

    the nandita girl, dunno much about her but shes got this nonchalant look about her, she carries her clothes well like a model who isn’t thinking too much about what shes wearing (although must have taken months of research into latest trends) – but yea overall shes got this i’m chilled out appeal to her and thus the style award should go to her!

  7. I really like that clutch!
    I love nandita’ style here .. there is an effortlessness and confidence apparent which is great but somehow, personality wise she comes across as a person with a little attitude (I can be totally wrong and sorry! this is not related to the dress as such). Karisma looks like the nice girl who is nice to all.

    I believe a person can certainly look beautiful as they age…without the use of any surgeries. Maybe marriage, kids, all that happiness and a sense of purpose brings about a certain freshness. And ofcourse, she I am sure takes very good care of herself.

  8. karishma has come a long way !
    i still cant forget the man like looks n thn she suddeenly became a hottie..
    i think she looks damn her cluth,,,smething very sophisticated abt her


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