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Wearing Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary separates, Tamannaah attended the designer’s pop-up at a Mumbai eatery. Wearing her hair away from the face, she finished out the look with pointy black pumps.

There’s so much about this look that wasn’t working. Those pumps didn’t belong. And while someone like Jacqueline could’ve sold that skirt to us, on Tamannaah it feels oddly twee. Not helping her cause either was the shirt. It may have worked on the runway, but the more modest modified version just didn’t work for us with the skirt. Not feeling this look one bit!

Tamannaah In Surendri By Yogesh Chaudhary At Pali Village Cafe

Left: Surendri- Buy
Centre, Right: Tamannaah At Pali Village Cafe

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love her pointy witch shoes! Had she worn a different top, heck, eve a white T she would have gotten away with the whole look. Shame, because she is so pretty.

  2. If the runway version is too risque then why to ruin the stuff by modifying it like this? shirt is looking plain bad…plus that shirt does not belong to there anyway !

  3. I don’t know why she wouldn’t wear the runway look. I have seen her in movies just with that bralet kind of thing over skirts most times in the song sequences. And she has the body to wear these risque ones. Such a beautiful girl. I hope she gets a new stylist.

  4. Oddly reminiscent of new kitchen inventions that I keep buying. Futuristic apron perhaps. Plastic should be discouraged as much as possible, not incorporated into outfits. Go green!

  5. Is the white part of the blouse made of plastic too? The way it’s clinging onto her skin makes it look as if she’s sweating really bad. Not a good look.

  6. The shirt looks funny 🙂 it looks like torn clothes stichedup. Instead of using the nude color they should have used the multicolors from the skirt.

  7. Eww. That looks like some underweearr-baniyaan showing through that shirt. It seems vulgar as opposed to the modest/ off the runway look they were trying to achieve. EWW again.


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