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While in Mumbai recently, Tamannaah teamed black pants with a corset one time, and a crop-top at another, rounding out both looks with sneakers and gold-toned jewelry that included hoop earrings. Of the two, have a favorite?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Picture this – Tamannah in an earthy cotton saree worn casually with a nice cotton block print blouse , kolhapuris, jhumkis and a casual sling across her chest.

    How difficult it is to develop personal taste in fashion despite all the money in the world – this gets reinforced in my head every time I see this blog featuring some of the most stunning women in clothes that do not suit them at all.

  2. I often wonder if celebrities have a say in these outfits (that involve public appearances) or if they submit entirely to their designers (or whoever advises them on the outfits). Because some of the clothes that show up on these pages… I imagine you’d have to under some level of duress to wear them out and about!

    It isn’t even that the outfits are lacking in style but they just look like a “bad fit,” and I don’t mean that literally at all. They simply don’t align with the person/personality, and that kind of “misalignment” is hard to hide. But these are actors, and therefore, adept at modeling/acting, so most of them do a good job.


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