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Shruti And Her Stole

You know there is a movie premiering when you see Shruti Seth and her trusted stole.

Nothing wrong in carrying a stole/shawl if you get cold but considering she gets photographed each time, how about not being so predictable?

‘What Happens In Vegas’ Premiere
‘Mamma Mia’ Premiere

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Going Green

When we first spotted Angelina in her pashmina, we just couldn’t stop gushing over the gorgeous green color of the shawl! She was in that same shade of green at the Cannes Film Festival, this time in a Max Azria Atelier gown, and boy does she look divine!

And that shade of green, whether in a pinch, or a whole lot, sure looks fabulous! I want.

angelina-jolie-green-shawl-022.jpg 81108949.jpg

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A Career Change For Bips?

Spotted: Bipasha Basu trying to get some golfing done in a pretty tight sheath dress. Did she not know she was attending a golf event?

While we don’t care about her golfing skills, we do have an opinion about her outfit! We love the silhouette of the dress, love how she pairs it with a shawl, but the print on this dress is quite a letdown! What do you think?

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Sharon’s Shawl Style

Sharon Stone was dressed (almost) to the nines a couple of days ago. Silver Cocktail Dress. Silver pumps. A Silver Clutch. And contrasting that outfit beautifully, the hot pink embroidered shawl!

But, we did say “almost”, didn’t we? Well, the choice to match the shawl with the panty hose was really something she could have passed..


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