Did It Drop A Few Degrees?

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The sweat-suit, not a fan of. Stole either.

Maybe at the next premiere, like the sweat-suit, Shruti Seth might just leave this particular stole behind. Here’s hoping.

At ‘Hancock’ Premiere
At ‘Kungfu Panda’ Premiere

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  1. @Anon: Some of those cinemas are freezing! I’ve been known to cart along a wrap for a movie! Though I wouldn’t advertise it for the world to see. Or wear sweats either.

  2. sweats and a stole.. !! i agree with Flower Power tho.. i do carry a jacket to a movie, as it does get cold…
    but someone please do tell me – how old is this girl??? i mean how does she always manage to look like she is early 20 something??


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