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In Roberto Cavalli

Fardeen’s wife Natasha attended the Lap bash in a grey Cavalli dress paired with a Dior Saddle hobo and platform pumps. We weren’t fans of the design to begin with and seeing it on Natasha didn’t change our minds either.

Left: Natasha Madhwani Khan at Lap Buddh Circuit F1 Party
Right: Roberto Cavalli Jersey Dress

Photo Credit: IBN

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Mon-(Oh No!)-Grammed

While in LA, Mallika got to attend the Dior Beauty Luncheon and this was her outfit of choice! Egad! The only thing worse than monogrammed logo bags for us is monogrammed logo clothes!

But, what surprises us more is that a long time ago, a very famous fashionista also committed the same blunder. Click inside to see who! 😛

Mallika Sherawat and Jessica Simpson at Dior Beauty Luncheon


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Of Lil’ Dresses

After having given us such a dramatic look in her caftan, these feel a little staid on Ms. Bhatia but that’s no fault of these lil’ dresses.

I quite like the bespoke Savio Jon dress (below, left)… the ombre one, not so much (though, Payal prefers the ombre one herself). For me, while the dress itself is nice, it’s a little too cutesy.

Footwear from both her appearances is a whole other story… the shoes absolutely kill it for her.


Left: At Olive’s Anniversary Bash
Right: At Olive


Pratima Bhatia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bag Spotting

Shweta added color to her B&W dress with a red Dior Hardcore Pierced Saddle bag and red peep-toe pumps.

I do wish Shweta’s pumps were a bit simpler since her bag (from an older collection) already has so much personality, but nevertheless, I still love the overall look. Very clean and quite chic. You?


Shweta Salve at Murjani Groups Spring Summer Showcase Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Limited Edition Dior ‘India’ Saddle Bag

John Galliano designed 12 limited edition Dior Saddle Bags, those inspired by Mexico, China, Russia among others! But what interests us, is of course the ‘India’ saddle bag!

The nudge at an old-world elaborate nose-ring isn’t lost on anyone and while a little garish ,and I do wonder why most Indian inspired things are, its fun!


John Galliano in honour of his 10th anniversary at the house, designed 12 saddle bags, each paying tribute to the 12 countries that have inspired him during his time with Dior! While a little loud and over the top, they are still being touted as good investment pieces!

Of course the news of these bags is trifle old but the reason I write is, I saw a lady at the Delhi airport carrying a bag that looked remarkably like the saddle but very, very Indianised and when I went up to her and asked if it was Dior, she said “Nahin ji, GK se liya hai”! (No, I got it from GK)(*GK, a marketplace in Delhi) 🙂 And ‘that’ turned to ‘this’ post!

On an aside, I just got into India! And in true High Heel spirit the first thing I did was to buy Vogue India at the airport! (Family has mentioned therapy but we are working on it!)

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