Mon-(Oh No!)-Grammed

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While in LA, Mallika got to attend the Dior Beauty Luncheon and this was her outfit of choice! Egad! The only thing worse than monogrammed logo bags for us is monogrammed logo clothes!

But, what surprises us more is that a long time ago, a very famous fashionista also committed the same blunder. Click inside to see who! 😛

Mallika Sherawat and Jessica Simpson at Dior Beauty Luncheon

Bet, you won’t see Preity do this ever ever again. We’ve all made some major fashion-faux pas, good thing we aren’t celebrities and our fashion-skeletons will always be in the closet.

Anyone know what event this was? We just know it was a long time ago.

Preity Zinta

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. hahaha…PnP, serious props for pulling out an old PZ pic! i am sure she wants to bury it soooo deep in the archives that no one elae finds her faux pas! though in all fairness, this is such an old pic that all the fashionistas were probably dressing like that before they ‘refined’ their tastes 😉
    won’t even deign to comment on ms. sherawat!!


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