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In Harmeet Bajaj

We’ve previously seen this Harmeet Bajaj dress in grey and black… And now, spotted Simone sporting it in a deep plum!

Have a favorite color?


L To R: Nethra Raghuraman, Katrina Kaif And Simone Singh


Simone Singh In Harmeet Bajaj

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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Photo Shoot To Real Life To Photo Shoot

We liked this dress when we saw it in its grey version. Totally love it in black.


Katrina Kaif In Harmeet Bajaj



Left: Nethra Raghuraman
Right: Model In Harmeet Bajaj

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Three Of A Kind!

If this happened in Hollywood, heads would have rolled. Stylists would have been fired and fashion houses would be sending apologies to stars for sending two people the same dress!

Alas, we don’t really have that concept in India. The personal stylist. He/She, who keeps track of every event happening and who is wearing what to that event, so that his/her client will never show up wearing something someone else was just photographed in.

Now, I wonder, how long before we get a “Four of a Kind”!

Mahima @ Gladrags Mrs India Final

Priyanka @ Shobha Asar Jewelry Launch

Sophie @ Bombay Times 13th Anniversary

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Twenty Years Of Style

Ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary past weekend with a fashion show displaying designs by Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal and more.. But the folks who stole the show were ex-models Milind, Dino and Arjun who walked down the ramp in Rohit Bal’s creations!

And what is a fashion party in Mumbai without a little Bollywood flavor? The Bollywood quotient was provided by Priyanka Chopra, who attended the show along with Madhur Bandarkar. Hope they did some good research for their movie “Fashion”.

Priyanka @ Ensemble Celebration

Kareena @ Bombay Times Bash

It’s uncanny though how much Priyanka and Kareena dress alike. We already featured them in their strapless corsets a while back. Now we see them in very similar looking outfits again. Kareena sported the strappy satin corset look already at the Bombay Times 13th Anniversary bash and now we see Priyanka in a satin corset gown.

Either these two are playing the “I can do better” game with each other or are closet BFFs! Too bad for Priyanka, her “tond” always steals the limelight!


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Nethra in Harmeet Bajaj

I had been eager to find out what Nethra wore to the Bombay Times 13th Anniversary Bash. Loved the light grey and the neckline. And today, by chance, while surfing, I find the dress staring right back at me.

The dress definitely looks much better on Nethra!


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