Twenty Years Of Style


    Ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary past weekend with a fashion show displaying designs by Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal and more.. But the folks who stole the show were ex-models Milind, Dino and Arjun who walked down the ramp in Rohit Bal’s creations!

    And what is a fashion party in Mumbai without a little Bollywood flavor? The Bollywood quotient was provided by Priyanka Chopra, who attended the show along with Madhur Bandarkar. Hope they did some good research for their movie “Fashion”.

    Priyanka @ Ensemble Celebration

    Kareena @ Bombay Times Bash

    It’s uncanny though how much Priyanka and Kareena dress alike. We already featured them in their strapless corsets a while back. Now we see them in very similar looking outfits again. Kareena sported the strappy satin corset look already at the Bombay Times 13th Anniversary bash and now we see Priyanka in a satin corset gown.

    Either these two are playing the “I can do better” game with each other or are closet BFFs! Too bad for Priyanka, her “tond” always steals the limelight!




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