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When we suggested that Harman get a different look to separate himself from Hrithik, we really didn’t think he’d go about it this way! But hey, he certainly has set himself apart! For better or for worse?

Need we say which side of the better-worse fence we are sitting on? ;)

harmanbigfm.jpg harmanbigfm1.jpg


WTHeyy: The Male Edition


Bobby and Akshaye make a second appearance and this time Akshaye is here for parking his shades on his forehead and Bobby for wearing denims with stitching that almost makes it look like his “fly” is open!

Akshay @ Big 92.7 FM
Bobby @ Columbia Records Launch

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Your Turn On The Soapbox..


We receive so many emails where you have been spotting stars that it only seems fair that you also get to be on here.. Between the two of us (Priyanka and I), we only have two pairs of eyes and there is only so much spotting we can do.. and so..now we open this space upto you. If you managed to spot something, go ahead and email it to us and we will feature you on the blog!

This week “Aamna” spotted Ms. Malaika Arora wearing the “Fendi Buckle Aviators” at an event for Big FM Studios. Love these better or your classic “Ray-Ban” aviators??

fendibucklemalaika1.jpg malaikabigfm.jpg

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Soniya: A Style Icon Too?


After Amrita, Soniya seems to have started to influence Hansika with her quirky style!

Hansika @ Big 92.7 FM Event

Soniya @ MNIAG Premiere

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Debuting At Number Bleh



And thats how Sonam Kapoor turned out to celebrate Children’s Day. Nice, but that dress? She needs to fire her stylist. Pronto.

Thats a print I’d expect on a wall, in an off-the-way old English bed and breakfast. Even then, I wouldn’t stay.