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Prada’s Made In India Series: A First Look

It’s no secret that almost all of the world’s leading brands have at one point been inspired by India and many continue to use the finest materials available only in India. In an honor to recognize globalization, Prada’s “Made In …” project features collections from around the world marked by the special tag specifying the country’s name.

The “Made In India” collection features handmade garments featuring chikan work as well as bags and footwear with traditional weaving technique.

Here’s your first look.

P.S. It’s great to see Prada openly acknowledge the products with the more accurate where it’s made at even though it is for a limited series. It is no secret that many brands still do hide the fact. Read Vir Sanghive’s in-depth article about it here.

prada woven flats

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Vidya Malwade For Baggit

We don’t know who they (‘Baggit’ team) collaborated with to do the clothes for their runway show… And, if it is something that they themselves did, then we are glad they design bags and not clothes!

Like all fashion shows, they too roped in a celeb… in this case, Vidya Malwade and the less said about her styling, the better! Ghastly clothes, ghastly hair and unnecessary jewelry. Actually the outfit on the left wasn’t bad if it weren’t for the jewelry and hair!

And that purple ‘Baggit’ prop. Might be a clutch, feels more like a prop. Couldn’t they do better?

vidya-malwade-baggit-fashion-show-pleated-gown1.jpg vidya-malwade-baggit-fashion-show-white-down1.jpg

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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A Fashion Show: Baggit

For those of you who have been shopping at Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle or Pantaloons… ‘Baggit’ might be a very familiar name! They recently had a fashion show showcasing their latest range of bags and here’s a look at it…

1-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 2-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

3-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 4-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

5-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 6-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bolly Bleh!

Kate Spade introduced two new bags under the collection ‘Bollywood’…and, (no prize for guessing) I absolutely don’t care for it all!

It supposedly draws on the “industry’s dazzling palettes and unabashed glitz with a touch of camp” but I fail to see any of the delectable kitsch that defines Bollywood!!

The bags come in soft patent calfskin, and in cheery neon colors that would’ve been perfect for spring but even that does nothing for me!

I seriously fail to see ‘Bollywood’ and they say whats in a name!

Buy The Bollywood Stevie Via Kate Spade (image, left)
Buy The Bollywood Lella Via Kate Spade (image, right)

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The sequinned Chanel bag has to be one of my least favorite bags from Chanel. It was another attempt at updating and adding a twist to a classic Chanel flap bag which just doesn’t work for me!


Padmini Kolhapuri

Kahkashan Patel

The Chanel Sequinned Bag

Source, Source, Source

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