A Fashion Show: Baggit

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For those of you who have been shopping at Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle or Pantaloons… ‘Baggit’ might be a very familiar name! They recently had a fashion show showcasing their latest range of bags and here’s a look at it…

1-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 2-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

3-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 4-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

5-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg 6-baggit-fashion-show1.jpg

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i really like the mustard colored bag, definitely something that i would buy for myself. as for the models, geez, not feelin em at all, esp the one in the 4th pic, she looks like shes got some cellulite on those thunder thighs..ahem..

  2. Aha! Somehow men with bags make me smirk. though i half-smiled this time cause i remembered that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode of joey and his “man-bag”.

  3. these models do look eastern european. lol @ ‘trivialimagery’. i agree that the guy with the bag does recall the FRIENDS episode with joey’s man bag.


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