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More pictures of Tabu’s Vogue photoshoot have surfaced and it is interesting to see her don a Hervé Léger. Not just because there is hope for me to fit into one, but because we just saw Gauri and Suzanne wear it and even the November issue of Vogue had Katrina in a Hervé Léger too! (Check that out inside…) When it rains, it surely pours, doesn’t it?

Tabu also wore a Fall 2008 Dolce and Gabbana strapless gown which reminded us of Kareena on the March cover.

But, you have to be glad that Vogue chose the straight haired Tabu instead of this other mess caught on camera! What a difference that would have made and not for the better, either!


Left: Tabu in Vogue India January 2009
Right: Hervé Léger Color Accent Bandage Dress


Left: Tabu in Vogue India January 2009
Right: Dolce and Gabbana, Fall 2008


Left: Tabu on Vogue India January 2009
Right: Blumarine, Fall 2008

tabu-vogue-india-jan-2009.jpg tabu-vogue-india-jan1

Tabu on Vogue India January 2009


Left: Katrina Kaif in Vogue India December 2008
Right: Hervé Léger, Fall 2008

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  1. she looks suprisingly good in herve ledger compared to suzanne and katrina (her pose is awkward coz of the stupid purse 😛 LOL) and i am in LOVE with her in Bulmarine. 😀

  2. Why all side shots? Does the silhouette get ruined or something with a front shot? Help guys, should I also be “side” posing for photos when in a dress?

  3. oh got it, thanks Payal:)….Tabu is delicious. The cover is a refreshing break from the over done Katrinas, Kareenas and Deepikas of the world (hey, but frankly all of them look great too!).

  4. Tabu looks so uncomfortable in the BLUMARINE gown. It actually looks like its about to fall off of her.

    Btw I like Katrina’s HERVE LEGER better than Tabu’s b/c of the stripes.

    Though, there’s nothign WOW about all these dresses, the shoot reminds me of AISHWARYA’s Vogue shoot.

  5. I’m thinking its a little bit of both. She probably is toned up if those pictures are from a video because that would be hard to photoshop I’m thinking. But I’m sure enhancements were made too.

  6. Not loving the Blumarine dress on Tabu or the model…looks like it’s about to fall off any second..eeks :S
    The D&C dress isn’t great either…I like Kat’s look though but yeah lol the pose is awkward.

  7. she is not a BUDHI, puhlease HHJ, your def of budhi obviously needs to be looked at again, unless you are 13, then EVERYBODY is a budhi are they not? Well she looks great, I think she is the Thinking Mans sex symbol – cliched but true

  8. i think tabu looks gorgeous on the vogue cover..
    she has lost oodles of weight. i saw an interview recently ans was slike “wow, is THAT tabu?”

    and @ hhj…
    nothin wrong with a “bhudi” being glamorous. fashion has nothing to do with age 😛

  9. hate the katrina pic..tabu looks awesome in the cover and bhudhii????????? wats wrong wit her age?? most of hottest hollywood actresses are much older than her ..

  10. I have always felt that Tabu has a calm and serene beauty with an element of pathos in her expressive eyes. Somehow I don’t think she looks very befitting in some ultra-glam apparel or even make-up…


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