Super Hero(ine)!

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We all have our favorite cartoon heroes and looks like these two have theirs too. Now, If only they hadn’t picked up their cartoon character’s bad dressing sense…


Left: Salman Khan at Jacky Bhagnani’s Movie Launch
Right: Isha Koppikar at Lilavati Hospital

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  1. So what if they decide to go casual and dress down to their comfort. They have every right to…and we have no right to judge them as at that moment they are not in any award function, movie or any PR event.

  2. Sonia99 – I dont agree with you. Even though they are celebrities it doesnt mean they cant take a breather from caked up make up and over made clothes to something as casual as these 2 are wearing. I think we tend to forget that beyond their profession they are just people like us and what they wear in their personal time is their business. Wouldnt you guys get tired of being critiqued on your clothes, make up and even posture everytime you step out of your house….try empathy once in a while….

  3. Malini – I would like to reiterate that there is a difference between being sloppy and being casual. If Isha or whoever’s personal style is sloppy, its OK. I just don’t like seeing her in an oversized tshirt and flat hair. Actually, I don’t like seeing anyone(including myself) like that.
    It is perfectly acceptable to wear a tshirt and sweats but shouldn’t they fit?
    I also think that its great to go without makeup, especially if you are visiting a sick person at a hospital.
    But ill-fitting clothes and flat/unmade hair make me cringe..celebrity or not!

  4. I see no problem in getting dresse dlike that to go to the hospital
    a movie premire on the other hand…but it is Salman, he always gets it wrong

  5. oh come on…she is in a hospital…assuming visiting an ill friend. she is dressed for comfort…so what??? she isnt attending any event or something….give these people a break. next thing u’ll know is that people are being criticised for not putting on lipgloss while taking out the garbage!!!

  6. I’d look like Esha if i wore my elder brother’s tee and PJs! Honesly, there’s no excuse for going out like THAT! even if its going to the hospital! this is ABSOLUTE “on-the-couch-watching-tv” clothing! And atleast Salman has made an effort! Never mind the failure!

  7. I also don’t agree with you Sonia99. My wardrobe has many welll fitted clothes, but sometimes I love wearing my husband’s t-shirts. even while going out.
    Just like you don’t like ill fitting clothes, there will be many people out there who are irritated looking at people always wearing well fitted “proper” clothes.

    I like that Isha has got the guts to go out like that and not care, when she knows she might be photographed.

    This shows how comfortable she really is with herself.

  8. With Salman – I think he can pretty much carry off any look.
    For Isha – I don’t think we should be critiquing this picture at all. She’s on the way to the hospital for gods sake. She can wear what the heck she pleases. Its her personal time and personal space. She looks comfy; tracks and a loose T. So what if it doesn’t match, and her hair looks a mess.

  9. Oh my gosh!its not a bad thing to dress casual but walking out in night clothes is different:P..and whats with the superman shirt?Cant there be a better loose casual shirt instead?that atleast dosent look like its 100 years old!

  10. yikes. i saw the thumbnail and thought isha was some guy. nuff said. The popeye tee is so befitting. If you’re a 12 year old. In the 1960’s. Who’s not very popular.


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