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At a recent do, spotted Tabu in The Bungalow jumpsuit that we had previously seen on Bandana.

One to almost always pull off what she’s wearing, this was one of those rare misses for Tabu. The look was just not working on her. Not the outfit, nor the way she had styled it. Much, much prefer it on Bandana.

tabu at nikhil advani birthday bash

Tabu At Nikhil Advani’s Birthday Do


Bandana Tewari
Left: At Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition, July 2011
Right: At Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition, July 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like it better on Tabu. I could be biased because I love Tabu’s no-nonsense sense of style. Anyway she couldn’t have pulled off either of Bandana’s looks, because it’s not her.

  2. I’m very sorry girls..one of your rare misjudgements…ofcourse TABU looks much better. Very real, and tres chic.
    What’s with Bandana’s silly scarf in look 1 or tacky cleavage display in look 2. Wake up and smell the macchiato please.

  3. I think she looks really good neck up (glad to see such a warm smile) but it is the length that’s weighing the look down..If it was a lil bit longer,she would have nailed it.
    Having said that I don’t like the look on Bandana..It seems so clustered with necklace,jarring clutch and bad heels 😐

  4. I too much prefer Tabu’s laid back look

    Bandana’s looks are over thought out and over styled

    my favorite thing about Tabu is that the clothes never wear her and she continues to be herself
    And this is true here also

  5. I like Tabu best. The hair, the shoes, clutch and attitude. Don’t like how the the other lady accessorized and her hair is all wrong too.

  6. I love Tabu and agree with how she is so herself, but the look on Bandana is more complete with the neckpiece. It just pulls the look together, whereas on Tabu the bareness is very evident.


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