A Bit Of Kitsch

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How neat is this table runner made out of plastic milk pouches? Recycling rocks! And not only that, the NGO Conserve (makers of this product) also provides a source of income to the scores of rag pickers who pick out recyclable materials from the streets of New Delhi.

Needless to say, I love this kitschy lil’ number! 🙂


Conserve Runner (Buy)

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  1. Wow…that’s awesome! Love that people are really starting to take conservation and environmental issues seriously ..finally..and doing things in creative and exciting ways 🙂

  2. These causes should always be promoted.Do they have a website?

    Fashion and consideration for the environment and an earthi-ness…a rarity

  3. Bravo!! I applaud these guys for their effort towards enmeshing the environment with fashion. And brownie points for providing a source of livelihood to the rag-pickers!! Kudos!


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