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Taapsee went for the traditional in her lovely Gaurang sari. Wearing flowers in her hair, she rounded out the look with a bindi and pair of studded earrings. She went the more contemporary route in her metallic Amita Gupta sari while at a different event. With her hair in a ponytail, she rounded out the look with earrings from Silver Streak.

She wore both of her saris well.

Taapsee Pannu At Mission Mangal Promotions

Taapsee Pannu At Mission Mangal Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Unable to like the Gaurang look. The severe partition and blouse sleeves are downers. Infact, she needn’t have piled the flowers so much. A smaller string would have looked nice.

    Like her in the contemporary version – waist up, much better. Waist down… I am closing my eyes

  2. Could you please also cover Kirti Kulhari from their promotions trip?
    She is carrying very interesting looks along with Taapsee. Breath of fresh air, these girls! 🙂

  3. I prefer the contemporary version, which looks great. Whilst the Gaurang sari is beautiful, Tapsee’s hairstyle severely ages her, and doesn’t do her justice.

  4. Gaurang saree along with how it is styled looks like case of when you can’t afford Sabyasachi as your stylist. Though that saree is gorgeous.
    And couldn’t care less about her “modern takes”

  5. I love both her looks!! She has had a good streak during promotions overall!! The best part- she’s so natural and lively all through!

  6. Why do you immediately have to make a sticky, oily center part with bindi and flowers and the whole nine yards with a traditional sari? It looks so curated and forced. The Gaurang saree is so beautiful but a silk saree needn’t be worn in the same way every single time. There are other Indian hairstyles that go with silks and IMO, thanks to Sabyasachi, I loathe these uber curated ‘desi’ looks which everyone is copying. Center part, bindi, flowers, oily hair is NOT the quintessential Indian woman. Cut to a modern sari and immediately the look lightens up. Yes, some women wear it this way everyday but if you are trying to fuse the new and the old, I think some creativity when it comes to hair and styling can be injected into this type of “traditional” styling.
    I love the modern version on her and the Gaurang sari is so beautiful just that this identical styling with a heavier saree needs to go.
    Rant over.

  7. That Gaurang saree is to die for!Absolutely masterpiece… her styling of the saree is severely traditional but she looks gorgeous…would have been a nice look for a wedding… could have done a cleaner look with that same saree and moved to a more clean and chic look minus the severe hair, bindi and flowers…


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