A Separate(s) Story

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While promoting her web series, Swara was photographed in denim separates by Mellowdrama at one round of interviews and shibori separates by Amrich at another. Burberry sneakers rounded out the former look and Needledust flats the latter.

As much as we like denim-on-denim, can’t say we were the biggest fans of the look. Much prefer her in the easy Amrich separates.

Swara Bhasker For Flesh Promotions

Photo Credit: Instagram

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    • In her mind she is a fashionista πŸ˜›
      Its like parents of young children telling them “Honeyyy you are winner!” πŸ™‚ even if they placed 19th in a class of 20

  1. How those Denims passed beyond “design-scribblings-on-TP” concept stage to full blown outfit , is totally beyond me !!! Swara on her part should keep her lovely smile, but lose that horrid outfit asap. Its just weird on many accounts.

    • Arey bhai, she is a celebrity! We talk about her, she gets photographed in those ugly clothes AND so many want to “see” her in her designer duds

      Aur kya chahiye ek celeb ko πŸ˜›

  2. I mean I don’t have no stylist to dress me everyday but even with my minimal fashion sensibility I would never put that outfit on.

    Seems like an attempt to design a cute toddler outfit gone terribly wrong.

  3. aren’t her and sonam best friends? if my best friend was a fellow actress, I would break down each and every look, every. single. time. until she had learned what absolutely never to even glance at a second time. regarding the parent comment above, I know many an academic parent whose non-celebrity children make better fashion choices than swara. this is just sad. and I love her.


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