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How uninspired are these black gowns? Ms Rao’s is especially bad…

Fardeen And Natasha Khan
Gary Lawyer And Sunita Rao

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  1. a pity about Sunita – she has the looks to be a stunner, but i’ve almost never seen her dress to play up her amazing body and sharp features….

  2. sunita’s minimal and safe…careful accesorizing can raise this to something totally wow! natasha, on the other hand, the less said, the better!

  3. i like sunita’s overall even though i hate that neckalce shes wearing

    love natasha’s earings and hair but the dress is too flashy and blingy,

  4. Sunita’s sister Arati, a regular on Bangalore’s Page 3 circuit, is a much better dresser, very clever with colours and accessories.

  5. how one man can have such diffrent tastes in women. see natasha here and then ruheen in the previous posts.
    world of a diffrence!! how stylish and understated ruheen is

  6. is it my imagination or does Natasha always look surpirsed? She has Sindhi blood, kinda explains the blingy ness of the outfit. Sunita looks fab for a women who has been through crap in her personal life, and bounced back looking even better, but agree her sis has better sense of dress.


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